Belladonna-Chin Surgeries
Chin has importance in terms of aesthetics for the facial area. Your chin being longer or shorter, smaller or wider due to genetic or acquired factors means that the whole face is affected aesthetically Like nose, the gonion should also be proportionate and compatible with the other facial areas. It is one of the important structures composing profile of the face.

The ideal chin-nose relationship has been researched and theorised over. Chin augmentation procedure is usually a part of every profiloplasty. . It is an easy and subtle way to create more harmony in the face. Surgically, it can be achieved with a chin implant, but for a more mild or gentle improvement, filler can be injected into the chin to add some volume and improve facial proportions which is the ideal procedure for patients who do not wish to undergo a surgery.

How long is the procedure time?
It takes 1-3 hours for surgical enhancements. It is 15 to 45 minutes for non-surgical procedure

How is the period of Recovering After Chin Augmentation?
There will be swelling and pain after the surgery. This pain is relieved by the medications prescribed by the doctor. The patient should consume liquid food during the recovery period. The recovery period of mandibular surgeries is 3 to 4 days. In other orthognathic operations, the recovery period lasts 2 to 3 weeks depending on the surgery. Full recovery takes longer.

With non-surgical chin augmentations, there is no recovering period. Some redness and swelling will occur and results can be seen in one to two weeks.

How long can I see the effect?
For surgical enhancements the results are long-lasting. They are usually permenant. Non-surgical enhancements last approximately 1 year depending on the filter used.

What is the best option for you?
Which chin enhancement procedure is right for you will depend on your unique facial anatomy, the condition of your skin, and your medical history (with special attention to previous procedures and allergies). For those who have a structural deficiency or inadequate bone in the chin area, surgery is generally the procedure of choice. If you would like some contouring done, but have concerns about surgery and downtime, you may want to opt for a non-surgical chin augmentation. This will be a decision you and your doctor will make together.
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