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Our face tells us; The shape of our lips, the size of our ears, the slenderness of our chin, the vitality of our eyes, the proportion of our nose to our face, the serenity of our cheeks, the naturalness of our facial features… Everything combines and forms who we are. Beauty is related to our face.

A face lift is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck, such as relaxation of the skin of the face causing sagging or deepening of the fold lines between the nose and corner of the mouth as well as jowls developing in the cheeks and jaw. Fat might be disappeared or the loss of excess fat of the neck can appear as a double chin or "turkey neck".

Face lift surgery is a complex procedure that requires extensive knowledge in facial anatomy, a very specific skill set of surgical techniques, and a highly-developed eye for aesthetic detail. Not all physicians practice facial cosmetic surgery in their professional life, so it’s important to be in a secured facility before choosing a face lift surgeon.

Who are the candidates for face lift?
Sagging of the face and neck skin usually show up after the age of 30 and increase over time. With the age of 50, aging is clearly visable on the facial skin. Face lift surgery can be applied to anyone who has a good general health condition, whose face has lost its lively and tight form.

What are the steps of the procedure?
Facelift surgery is performed under general anesthesia. A thin incision is made around the ear, which is the back part of the facial skin. The skin is minimally lifted. The SMAS (superficial muscle and connective tissue layer) tissue located under the face is accessed. The facial skin and SMAS are stretched to their new position. Excess skin is excreted. The facial skin is reconnected with the skin around the ear with fine sutures.

After the surgical procedure is completed, the wound is dressed. The surgery is terminated by wearing a temporary mask (face corset). The patient is taken back to his room. The patient is followed in the service for 1-2 days, and then discharge is planned.

What is SMAS?
There are fatty tissues under the facial skin. SMAS layer is below these tissues. By intervening in this tissue along with the skin, we get more positive and permanent results from facelift surgery. Let me make an important note that the critical nerves that allow us to move the facial muscles are 2 layers below the SMAS. There is no interference with these nerves in the surgery.

What should I except during my recovery period?
You need to spend the first week after the surgery resting. During this period, it is necessary not to do heavy work and to avoid exercises. However, you can easily eat and do your work at the computer. You don't have to be afraid to wash your face or go to the bathroom either.

7-10 days after the operation in the control examination, the sutures are removed and the healing process is checked. During this examination, the face corset worn after the surgery is also removed. You can go back to your social life and are allowed to return to work on average 2 weeks after the operation. Control examinations are performed again after 1 month and 3 months later. During this period, it is necessary to avoid pressure and blows to the face. In addition, it is recommended not to use mimics too much, not to make face-stretching movements.

The bruising, swelling and suture scars that occur after the surgery will decrease over time. While the bruising and swelling disappears quickly within 7-10 days, it takes 3 months for the scar to disappear significantly. It is necessary to wait up to 1 year for the permission to become vaguely noticeable.

The purpose of facelift surgery is to remove the sagging excess skin tissue on the face. Thus, the facial skin becomes tight again. In addition to face lift surgery, different procedures such as skin peeling, filling, botox, fat tissue transfer and eyelid aesthetics can be performed to achieve the desired facial appearance.
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