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First impression is indisputably important for communication. Research shows that people first focus on the eyes and teeth when they are face to face. A beautiful smile will definitely allow us to be a few steps ahead in social life that will significantly help to provide self-confidence.

Smile design is the ideal tooth alignment formed unique for every patient. The digital smile design, called the Hollywood Smile today, is not just about the white teeth that appear when you smile. Our clinician evaluates your mouth, teeth and face composition as a whole structure; whether you are a man or woman, your age, face shape, skin color, nose structure, gum health, the amount of gum appearance, your gum color, the shape of your lower and upper lips when talking, laughing, even during laughter or in natural positions, every aspect of your teeth and gums, the amount of visibility in a position is of great importance in smile design.

The smile design you desire will be considered very carefully with advanced technology devices regarding these factors by our expert staff. Would you like a remarkable and impressive smile or a beautiful and natural smile as if they were your real teeth?

What are the steps of the procedure?
You will have periapical, BTW, panoramic 2D or 3D dental tomography after the necessary measurements are taken for detailed intraoral examination and design. Professional video and photo shootings are done, and a smile analysis is performed digitally regarding all your complaints and requests. The appropriate smile design is transferred to your mouth temporarily allowing you see it not only on computer but also in your own mouth.

If you approve the smile design planned, the process begins.

Local anesthesia is applied. Within 1-3 days(depending on the number of teeth in the plan) the planned design is rehearsed in the mouth. Corrections or changes are made if necessary according to the consultation between you and your physician and the teeth are applied on the same day.

Who are the candidates for smile design?

Do you cover your mouth with your hand while talking or laughing, unawares or not?

Not satisfied with the color of your teeth?

Not satisfied with the shape or size of your teeth?

Are your teeth crooked?

Do you have an asymmetry in your mouth or teeth?

Do you have spaces between your teeth?

Do you have a missing tooth?

Are your teeth too far forward or too far back?

Are your lower teeth more visible than your upper teeth?

Do your gums show a lot when you smile?

You are a woman, your face is no longer triangular like it used to be, you have a wide chin, a square face line and you don't like this situation? And you think it's due to weight gain?

Do your lips look sunken and thin?

Do you have bleeding in your gums?

Are your gums purple?

Do you have cavities on your teeth?

Do you have old-fashioned black fillings?

Are your white fillings discolored?

Do you have bad breath?

Are your teeth short?

Are you clenching or grinding your teeth?

Do you have wear on your teeth?

Are your teeth healthy but not visible?

Are your teeth healthy but your gums have problems too?

Do you have gum recession?

Are your teeth loose?

Can't bite hard and eat whatever you want?

As you get older, have collapses started around your mouth?

Do you have speech disorders caused by missing or broken teeth?

Get support for smile design from our expert team.

Full ceramic crown is one of the techniques we frequently use in smile design. Anything that can be done with Laminate Veneer is also possible with full ceramic crowns. Since the same material is used, some teeth may be full ceramic crowns and some teeth laminate veneers.

All-ceramic crowns are not just on the front of the tooth. It is designed to cover every face of the tooth. For this reason, in addition to laminate veneers, in cases where the amount of crowding is higher, if cavities or abrasions cover not only the front surface of the teeth, but every region, if there are very large fillings, full ceramic crowns will provide us great benefit for an ideal smile design.

Laminate veneer is a very common technique in smile design. It is an extremely thin and aesthetic material that is not adhered to every face of the tooth, like classical crowns, but only to the front face with a special technique.

It can be thinned up to 0.3 - 0.7 mm, so it provides excellent aesthetics without any or with very little abrasion on the teeth. In addition, since it is a material with a very high light transmittance, we can easily provide a natural and aesthetic appearance with laminate veneers, which cannot be distinguished from our own teeth.

Which disorders can we correct with laminate veneer?

discoloration of teeth,

hereditary tooth enamel disorder,


short teeth,

Broken, cracked teeth,

asymmetrical teeth,

gap between teeth, diastema,

worn teeth,

crooked teeth,

Situations where gums are seen more when we laugh, gummy smile

Teeth with incompatible gingival levels,

Caries on the front surfaces of the teeth.

What are the steps of the procedure?
Before laminate veneers are applied, digital planning is done after examination, x-rays, pictures and videos. In the planning, gender, age, lip positions, face shape, skin color, the character you want to appear (hard, sympathetic etc.) are taken into consideration. The smile design agreed on the screen is transferred to the mouth with a special method we call mockup. Our team evaluates the design you see in your mouth alive.  After the ideal design is decided, the process starts with or without abrading the teeth on this plan. Depending on the number of teeth, the perfect smile is rehearsed in the mouth with the support of 3D printers and our expert technician team in a short period of 1-3 days. After a detailed examination, the necessary corrections are made and affixed to the mouth on the same day.

Thanks to the special bonding technique, you will not have any restrictions on eating and drinking when you leave the clinic, and you will be able to laugh as much as you want to. Congratulations on your new smile.

The production of laminate veneers is very delicate and requires a high degree of mastery. Just because the teeth are on the front does not mean that the laminate veneers are weak or fall off easily. When it is done in master hands according to the technique, there will never be a fall.

Laminate veneers can be applied to everyone. However, if you have the habit of grinding your teeth at night, your natural teeth are worn and damaged, as well as laminate veneers. Our pysician will recommend you to wear a night plaque at night.

How long do laminate veneers last?
When it is done ideally with the right techniques and a skilled team, it will maintain its first day condition for many years. It may last for 10-30 years depending on your care.

Aesthetic applications we can do with laminate veneers are also possible with zirconium crowns.

Zirconium crowns, like all-ceramic crowns, surround the tooth.

In the inner part of the ceramic, there is a tooth-colored infrastructure called zirconium that increases durability. Thanks to this infrastructure, in the presence of a missing teeth, if implants are not preferred or unable to apply, zirconium bridges are an alternative. Although the bridge member teeth are connected to each other, the teeth will have a single appearance, since zirconium is a highly aesthetic material.

In some cases of clenching or grinding at night, if night plaque is not used, the damage to the teeth can be minimized with full zirconium crowns. Thus, we can design aesthetic smiles for our patients who are grinding their teeth intensely.

Treatment duration and stages are the same as for laminate veneers. Get support from our team for the right choice.

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