Belladonna-Unshaven Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant methods and technologies are improving as the demand for such aesthetic operations increases. As surgeons and clinics become more and more confident in the hair transplant operations, they start to implement different approaches to the traditional procedures to meet various expectations of the patients and provide more comfortable experiences such as unshaven hair transplant.

It is understandable if you do not want to cut your hair short for aesthetic concerns; or if you want to keep your hair transplant a secret. When these factors are considered, people suffering from hair thinning give up on the idea of undergoing a hair transplant operation. 

Fortunately, with the help of the unshaven hair transplant technique, the patients without losing their existing hair can have a successful unshaven hair transplant.

Unshaven hair transplant is proven to be an entirely successful surgery for those in need of hair treatment. Although the unshaven hair transplant operation technique is similar to traditional FUE, unshaven hair transplantation requires much more work because it is challenging to extract and incise hair follicles. In contrast, the patients’ hair is not shaved.

What are the steps of unshaven hair transplantation?

The unshaven FUE hair transplant technique is not completely different from the traditional FUE technique. The donor area needs to be trimmed in a way that gives an undercut/bald fade hairstyle which will not change your daily look dramatically.

However. the main difference is that the recipient area is not shaved at all.

Then the hair grafts are extracted carefully from the donor area and collected in a special solution to ensure follicle viability.

After a specific number of hair grafts are collected, they are transplanted around the existing hair which is not shaved.

Unshaven hair transplant is suitable for both men and women. Especially unshaven female hair transplant is relatively easier as women generally have more hair to cover their donor area and do not need to change their hairstyle because of the operation. While most female hair transplants are conducted with the unshaven method, for men the tendency is the opposite.

What are pros and cons of unshaven hair transplantation?

Pros of Unshaven Hair Transplant

  • You do not need to shave your hair, which is the best part of this technique for most patients. An unshaven hair transplant is a lifesaving if you do not feel comfortable with short hair and the operation scars after the procedure!
  • Unshaven hair transplant provides you with natural-looking hair just like a regular FUE transplant. 
  • The patient will not get any prominent scars after an unshaven hair transplant. 
  • The healing phase of the patient is going to be completed in a short time after the unshaven hair transplant. So, you do not need to take a long rest staying home for days. Unshaven hair transplants do not interrupt your social life.

Cons of Unshaven Hair Transplant

  • The success of an unshaven hair transplant depends on your doctor. So, the patient should be sure of the clinic.
  • Unshaven hair transplant takes much longer than regular FUE transplants. The duration of the procedure depends on the number of grafts. That is why the patient should be patient during the surgery. 
  • Unshaven hair transplant cannot be applied to people with severe hair loss since they will require more grafts.
  • Bacterial growth may occur because of the unshaven hair, and the roots may get damaged due to bacteria and germs.
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