Belladonna-Beard transplantation

Majority of men, at least during a certain part of their lives, want to have a thick beard that would give them a more masculine appearance. Not all of us are lucky enough to have the genetics to grow a voluminous beard and that is when science comes in to save the day.

Beard transplant is the name of a surgical procedure where hair grafts extracted from the donor area (back of the head) are implanted on the facial areas of the patient where he lacks volume. It is crucial to have the operation done by the experts and under the supervision of a surgeon since the procedure is surgical.

Ideal beard transplant candidates are transgender female-to-male patients, men with patchy beard growth, and men with burns and small scars from a prior injury who desire a more masculine appearance or a more attractive beard.

It is a successful procedure performed by experts and experienced staff in beard transplantation. In order to get a good result, the beard and some hair follicles are examined first. As a result of the examination, hair follicles are taken from the nape. Hair collected to create a natural looking beard is applied to the places where there is no beard on the face.

With this professional process, no traces or symptoms occur. Beard loss can be local or encountered on the entire face. Therefore, the root numbers are determined in line with the operation to be performed and the transfer of these root numbers takes place in an appropriate manner.

Due to the trauma during the procedure a reddish appearance on the face is perfectly normal. As the crusts fall out and grafts settle on the face after 10 days the redness dissipates gradually. By the first month a tiny proportion of the implanted follicles may fall out due to the shock loss but it is minimized after the beard transplant operations. 1st month is early to see the final result but some progress can be seen.

The 1st year period is where the follicles implanted adapt to the tissue on the face and beard grows fully. If the procedure is done competently patients should be able to grow the beard they have been dreaming of and even style it the way they want!

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