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Breast lift or mastopexy. It is the surgery of lifting the breast and nipple. It involves removing the excess skin that causes the breasts to sag and reshaping the surrounding tissue. Thanks to this treatment, the breasts gain a healthier, tighter, upright, symmetrical, plump and youthful appearance. The extent to which the breasts will be lifted is decided according to each woman's own body size.
Breast lift surgery is performed to reconstruct the saggy breasts, or the nipples pointing downwards. The aging body loses its tight structure. As in many other organs, the breast also loses this tightness and hangs down. Although the main reason is aging, there are some others like pregnancy, constant weight changes, genetic factors or wrong bra use.

It is possible to have a fuller appearance in the upper part of the chest muscle. However, it is not possible to restore a sagging breast with exercise.

Sagging of your breast is revealed with a physical examination by a physician. However, many women easily notice the change in their breasts. We expect an average distance of 5 cm between the nipple and the lower line of the breast. The nipple should be 5 cm above the lower line of the breast in an upright breast. The less this distance is, the more the breast is sagged.

What are the steps of the procedure?
Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes an average of 2 hours. With the operation, the sagging skin in the breast is removed. By reshaping the breast tissue, the breast skin and nipple are lifted. It is set to a higher position. There is no visible permanent scar in the breast area. Your discharge is planned on the evening of the surgery or the next day. The surgery can be performed with different techniques. We have three different techniques: operations performed under the breast, operations performed from the nipple and the operation method called the reverse T technique. The surgical technique should be chosen by our experienced surgeon according to the specific situation of each patient.

Lifting the breast by entering through the nipple: It is called the Benelli technique in the literature. The incision site is the smallest in this method among all . With this procedure performed around the nipple, the drooping part of the breast is recovered. The breast is erected, and the nipple is risen up. It may be necessary to place a silicone implant in the breast for best results in some cases. After the operation, there is a small scar on the nipple. Over time, this trace becomes invisible with naked eyes.
Lifting the breast by entering under the nipple: It is a surgery known as the Lollipop technique. It is performed through a small incision made from a little below the nipple circumference to the nipple, so the incision looks like a lollipop. The skin tissue that makes up the breast is reduced, and the breast looks straighter and tighter. If the nipple is relatively lower, this technique is preferred instead of Benelli.
Reverse T technique (Full Breast Lift or Anchor-Keyhole Incision): If the breast volume is large and sagging down significantly, T technique might be preferred by our surgeon. The incision removes sagging breast tissue and reshapes the breast. It is possible to get successful results with this method, especially in elderly women who have lost weight, have excessive breast size and drooping.

What should I expect during the recovery period?
After the surgery, special air and water permeable tapes are placed on the incisions in the breast. Thanks to these special bands that you can take a shower comfortably. The bands stay in the area for 4-5 weeks, so you do not need to dress until the incisions heal. When you wake up after the surgery, a special surgical corset will be on you. You are needed to wear this special bra minimum 6 weeks Our surgeon usually discharges the breast lift patients the day after the surgery. You are needed to rest for a week and be careful about lying only on your back and staying away from sports activities. It is also important to avoid sexual intercourse and protect the breasts from the sun.

How will my ability to breastfeed be affected?
It is not going to be affected. The important point here is the experience of the surgeon and the equipment in the hospital. Because the milk ducts in the breast should not be damaged during the surgery.
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