Belladonna-Eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrows have the power to define important features, express one’s emotions and play an important role in facial recognition. They also have the power to provide more youthful aesthetic to the face.

Eyebrows can become thinner over time. New methods have emerged with the development of the cosmetics industry for eyebrows. With developing technology, more prominent and thick eyebrows are not a dream anymore.

Furthermore, congenital deformities or problems such as low eyebrows are encountered with the advancement of age. That is why women get a more aesthetic appearance with procedures such as eyebrow transplantation and eyebrow lifting thanks to the right methods and experts.

The nature of every woman desire to have thick and shapely eyebrows. However, this may not happen due to some problems. The main factor in thinning eyebrows is aging. With the advancement of age, changes in hormones cause eyebrow and hair loss.

In addition, the hair follicles weaken and shed over time due to health-related problems such as insufficient nutrition, vitamin deficiency, thyroid glands not producing the necessary hormones and cancer. However, thanks to developing eyebrow and hair technology, people can have natural looking eyebrows as a result of correct procedures.

Roots taken from suitable areas are transplanted to the eyebrow area. The number of grafts will vary from person to person, and more than 500 grafts may be needed for a robust appearance. The collected hair is planted closely in the eyebrow area and thus the desired image is achieved with eyebrow planting.

There may be swelling in the brow area after the procedure, but this is temporary. Some people can experience eyebrow loss after the eyebrow transplantation. This should not cause consternation because new hair will grow in time and take their natural state.

In general, eyebrows begin to appear 3 months after the procedure. Initially the planted eyebrows will start to shed after 2 weeks. Subsequently, the shed eyebrows will be replaced with new ones. Thus, over time, the eyebrows take their final shape.

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