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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant method was developed to replace the traditional follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method. This technique provides more coverage and long-lasting natural results. Opting for an FUE hair transplant can give you a natural hairline back with minimal side effects; FUE hair transplant involves the extraction and implantation of individual hair follicles without disrupting the natural form of your hair.
This procedure reduces the chances of scarring and discomfort after the transplant since it requires no cuts and stitches. Our experienced surgeons implement this elegant procedure with utmost attention to detail, so that the downtime and side effects are minimal.

What are the steps of the procedure?
The patient is administered local anesthesia before the procedure. Suitable hair follicles to be used for hair transplantation are collected first. These roots are collected via the Fue engine. The collected grafts contain 2-3 hairs. It is critical to be very careful to prevent any damage to the roots during the application. After the collected hair follicles are categorized separately, they are transplanted.

Another point to be careful about here is the groove opening process. The preferred specialist in this field must be experienced. Grooves are opened for the hair follicles and the hair transplantation process takes place with the opened grooves.

What should I expect on my recovery period after Fue hair transplantation?
You are free to go home after hair transplantation. Subsequently the washing process is started. However, the washing process to be performed takes place in a short time and the scalp must not be scrubbed. Special shampoos are used after the procedure.

It is necessary to go to the doctor’s office for checkups at regular intervals, if any problems occur, a specialist physician must be visited immediately. Antibiotics used under the doctor’s supervision are used against infections. New hair grows after 2-3 weeks from the transplanted hair follicles. This growing hair is shed again which is temporary. Then the hair grows back and becomes normal.

What should I expect as a result after Fue hair transplantation?
Even though Fue hair transplant equipment does minimal trauma to the scalp, they do cause small incisions; that’s why it takes 7 – 10 days for your scalp to recover from the surgery. As long as you follow the after-care instructions your hair will start growing starting from the 3rd to 4th month. More observable results will be seen after the 6th month, and final results will be visible after 12 months.
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