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Teeth whitening, also known as teeth bleaching, is one of the very simple and effective methods we use in smile design. If the method is applied with the right techniques, we get very effective results which last for years. In many cases, professional teeth whitening is an alternative to high-cost prosthetic treatments.

Whitening can be applied to anyone with healthy teeth. If the teeth have caries or problems with gums, it is better to do deal with these first.

Teeth whitening is divided into two types, home type and office type.

Office teeth whitening is done in the clinic using a gel called hydrogen peroxide and a device under the supervision of a physician. The gums are protected with suitable barriers and the whitening gel is applied to the teeth. In a period of 30 minutes, a visible amount of several tones of whitening occurs. Depending on demand, the desired whiteness level is reached quickly in 1 or 2 sessions. It has a permanence of about 1 year. We recommend supplementing it with home bleaching to increase the permanence up to 4-5 years.

Home teeth whitening is done with a personalized plate prepared unique for you with application of an appropriate gel. This is kept in mouth overnight. Whitening begins within 3-4 days. It is applicated for 2 weeks, depending on the need. It takes a longer time to whiten the teeth with home bleaching method compared to office type but is more permanent. The persistence is about 3 to 5 years. During this period, it gradually returns to its former state according to your habits like cigarettes, tea, coffee etc. Existing plaques are stored to increase the permanence. The application can be repeated 1 or 2 nights a year without need a dentist visit.

Does the technique used in whitening wear down my teeth?
No, it is non-corrosive. The inner tissue of the teeth is more yellow. The outermost is enamel tissue, which is the whitest part. Even the slightest abrasion on the outside will cause the teeth to appear yellower. So, tooth wear is not possible in professional whitening.

Will my teeth become more yellow than before when the effect of whitening wears off?
No way. Your teeth will be back to normal in the worst case.

Does whitening cause sensitivity on my teeth?
Although rare, it can cause temporary sensitivity. However, it will last only a few days.

Is eating or drinking important during teeth whitening?
Reducing the amount of cigarettes, acidic and colored drinks during home bleaching application period or during the first 15 days following the home or office bleaching treatment will increase the effect of the whitening treatment.

Is cleaning teeth means teeth whitening?
Teeth whitening and teeth cleaning are not the same. Cleaning is removing the stones and stains adhered to the teeth and removing the darkening due to the stains. Whitening is the lightening of the natural color of the tooth. If necessary, cleaning should be done before bleaching.

How many hours should the home whitening gel stay in the mouth? Is there any harm in staying too long?
The effect of the gels used in home bleaching gradually decreases during the night. It has a good effect for the first 6 hours. It becomes ineffective after 10 hours, so there is no harm in keeping it in the mouth for too long.

Will I have the same effect if I wear my plates during the day?
Our saliva flow rate is higher due to daytime talking, eating and drinking activities. For this reason, the effectiveness of the drug decreases. Therefore, we recommend using it while sleeping, day or night.

Are there any side effects or harms of whitening?
No its not.

How many shades will my teeth whiten?
Since every tooth structure is not the same, the amount of whitening will also be different. However, each tooth is white enough to be clearly seen with the naked eye. Healthy and large teeth are generally whiter. During the examination, more detailed information can be given about how much your teeth will whiten.

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