Liposuction (sometimes referred to as "lipo" by patients) or fat removal is a very common procedure used in aesthetic surgery. Liposuction aims to reshape the body. The procedure is based on the principle of removing excess fat accumulated from definite parts of the body by vacuum. Liposuction is a method that we have used for many years to shape the body in aesthetic surgery. It is an aesthetic surgery procedure that was first implicated in the 1950s in France and then developed and spread all over the world. Although it is often applied to the abdomen, arms, buttoks and waist areas, liposuction can also be applied to different parts of the body like ankles, cheeks, chin, hips, knees, neck and thighs, briefly where fat is accumulated. It can be performed alone or along with other plastic surgery procedures, such as a facelift, breast reduction or a tummy tuck.

What are the steps and details of the procedure?
Liposuction procedures can be performed with general or local anesthesia. This is a decision you will make with your surgeon depending on your risk factors as well as the expected time for surgery. Small holes with a diameter of 1-2 mm are opened in the area where the adipose tissue will be removed. The surgeon dissolves the accumulated adipose tissue by various methods such as tumescent, ultrasound or laser methods. Then, it takes the accumulated adipose tissue out of the body with the help of thin cannulas (pipes). The method used, the area where the operation is performed, the volume of adipose tissue determines how long the operation will take. Most of the cases are completed in 1 to 2 hours. The amount of adipose tissue to be removed during the procedure varies according to the patient's weight and body structure.

What will happen during my recovery after liposuction?
Within three to four hours after the operation, the patient is allowed to stand up and walk. After the procedure, patients are discharged either on the same day or in the morning of the next day. A liposuction corset should be used for 4-6 weeks. Our patient may have some pain after the surgery. It is normal. The pain is gone even without any medication a short time after the operation. Post-operative swelling and stiffness also disappear within a maximum of 2 months. It is beneficial to start short walks immediately after the operation, but at least 6 weeks are needed after the operation for any heavy exercises. In an average of 3 months, the body will gain its final shape, the swelling will disappear, and the incision scar will become unclear.

What should I expect from liposuction?
Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity or an alternative to diet and exercise. Liposuction may be right for you if only you are bothered by excess fat deposits located anywhere on your body that don't respond to diet or exercise. Maximum amount of adipose tissue up to 10% of the patient's body weight can be removed by liposuction method. The results of liposuction will be long lasting, provided you maintain a stable weight and general fitness. As your body ages, it is natural to lose some firmness, but most of your improvement is going to be permanent.
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